You should find forms, documents, and other items that may be needed by members of the congregation in the conduct of the business of River of Life Fellowship. If you do not find what you need here, please email your request for the item to Email River of Life and the item will be sent to you. If it is something others will need, we will add it to this page.

Facility Rental
To be considered for facility rental at River of Life or The Amp, please fill out this form. The facility is not available on Sundays, after 4:00 pm on Wednesday, or after 4:00 pm on Saturdays (typically).

Model Release Forms
Both the Adult and Minor forms give River of Life Fellowship permission to use a picture of you or a picture which you may be part of for Church business, publications (both printed and electronic), and for other use deemed necessary by the church. Page 2 of these forms must be filled out, witnessed, and filed with the church office. The church office will maintain a list of all persons that have completed these forms.

Adult Model Release Form
Minor Model Release Form

Purchase Request/ Reimbursement Form
This form must be filled out and submitted for all purchase requests or reimbursement requests. The form requires a signature from the department head funding the purchase along with receipts, if it is a request for reimbursement. The form should then be submitted to Sheilah for further submission to Pastor for final approval. If it is a purchase request with a check issued to the requestor, receipts must be submitted to be attached to the request at the completion of the purchase.

Purchase Request / Reimbursement Request Form

Volunteer Application
This form must be filled out and submitted by all persons desiring to assist in any of our Children's or Youth Ministries, including van drivers. The form is two-sided and both sides must be completed in their entirety, signed and dated. A copy of your current Driver's License must be attached and submitted to the appropriate department head for processing. A background check will be requested by River of Life Fellowship as part of this process. You will be informed of your status by the department head in charge of the area of service in which you are applying to serve.

Volunteer Application

Missions Policy and Trip Application
The Missions Policy of River of Life Fellowship must be read and agreed to by anyone wishing to participate in a church-sponsored or individually-arranged missions trip. The application must be completed and given to the Missions Directors for prayerful consideration before the application is presented to the Pastor by the Missions Directors. If you have any questions concerning either of these, please contact Email Kristel King


River of Life Fellowship Missions Policy

DocumentApplication for Church-sponsored Missions Trip

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Upcoming Events Mobile

Prayer (Jeff R)
Sat 8:00 am - 9:00 am
Embrace Grace Group
Sun 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm
The Embrace Grace group is for single moms, or single pregnant moms.
They will be meeting in the following rooms at River Of Life Fellowship:
- Riptides room
- Puddle Jumpers room
- Rainbows room
- Raindrops room
They may also use the kitchen and the River Kids check-in area.

Start times may be flexible depending on when church lets out. Third service does not always end at 12:00pm and the foyer does not always clear out by 12:30pm.

Lunch will be made and brought to share by the volunteers.
Rapids Band Practice
Mon 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Led by Michael Bearly and Bailey Gueswell. In The Rapids River Kids Room.