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  • Tuesdays
  • 7:00pm
At The AMP
3712 Cleveland Ave.

Wellington, CO 80549


  • Wednesdays
  • 7:00pm
At The AMP
3712 Cleveland Ave.

Wellington, CO 80549

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What To Expect

Doors open at 6:30pm.

We love to hang out and fellowship! Our youth can be found inside playing pool, carpetball, basketcball, mini-frisbee-golf, & eating snacks from the cafe; or outside playing vollyball, football, or 9-square (weather permitting)

Service starts at 7:00pm.
We love connecting with our youth in our small groups to start off youth night. Our leaders love attending our youth's sport events and supporting them in any activities they let us know about. Small groups are also a great time to not only check in with our youth about their week, but also to discuss Bible questions, and to share personal testimonies.

We love praising Jesus! Worship is where spiritual battles are won, it's where God is exalted in glory, and where spiritual chains break. We've seen more youth get saved during praise and worship, than during alter call or in small groups. God often moves powerfully when we praise Him, and there have been many services where the Holy Spirit is so heavy in the room that worship lasts for an extra hour after service has ended because no one wants to stop or leave God's glory. Youth will often be on their knees, lifting their hands, crying tears of joy and awe in praise.

We love God's word! We believe all of the Bible is true, and we are unashamed to preach it! Our youth are hungry for the truth and many bring their own Bibles and note books to get as much out of each sermon that they can. Pastor Nevin also prepares fill-in-the-blank handouts for all the youth to follow along during the sermon.

We love to pray! Our youth leaders are always available to pray with our youth at the end of each service, or answer any questions they may have about the Bible. Prayer is a big part of what we do here at the AMP and our leaders often pray for our students during the week as well.


Meet our Youth Pastor: Nevin Olson
Nevin grew up going to youth group here at the AMP back when Pastor Isaac King was the youth pastor and Nevin was in Middle School. A few years later when he was in high school, a group of students from CFNI (Christ For The Nations) Bible School in Texas came to the Amp and we had a powerful worship night. In the middle of worship, the lead singer called out Nevin and prayed over him, prophesying that God was calling him to be a youth pastor and go into ministry. 
When he graduated high school, Nevin attended CFNI in Texas and when he graduated from Bible college, he became the youth pastor here at the AMP. 


Picture of Nevin



Friday, June 30th: PARK DAY
  • 5:00pm at Buffalo Creek park (8760 Buffalo Creek Pkwy, Wellington, CO 80549)
  • Volley Ball | Kickball | Spike Ball
  • 7:00PM. At River Of Life Fellowship.
  • 3161 County Road 62e. Wellington, CO 80549

  • At The Amp. 5:00pm.
Tuesday, July 18th - Wednesday, July 19th: AMP SUMMER OLYMPICS
  • 7:00PM - 7:00AM at the AMP. All night lock-in event. Breakfast will be served in the morning.
Monday, July 24th: WATERWORLD
  • Meet at the Amp at 7:00AM to carpool.
  • Cost: Still to be determined.

Previous Events

Youth Camp 2023!

The BEST week of Summer!

We won Camp Champs!

This year, The AMP took 80 people to camp! Our youth group was the biggest one there and we had to be split into two teams because we were so big. We were red team and blue team. Our blue team won camp champs! Be sure to check out the video from camp this year, as well as from previous years: 2022, and 2021!

Check out our camp video from this year!

Check out our camp video from 2022!

Check out our camp video from 2021!

Youth Con 2023


March 9th - 11th 
Aurora Colorado

What Is Youth Con?

Youth Con is a weekend conference held in Aurora Colorado where youth from across the state come for a weekend full of amazing worship, empowering teaching, fun, fellowship, and Competitions!

Students can compete in a huge variety of events such as music, dance, dramas, human videos, art, singing, short sermons, and much more! Those who score the highest qualify to compete at Youth Con Nations later in the summer.

Youth Con is a great way for your youth to expand the talents and abilities God gave them, and to grow more confident in glorifying God through sharing their skills with others. Plus they get to grow in their relationship with God through times of worship and teaching, as well as make new friends along the way!

If your youth is interested in going to Youth Con next year, make sure they are plugged into our youth group at The AMP. When the date for next year gets closer, we will start handing out sign up sheets, and encouraging our students to practice their amazing God-given talents so they can compete at Youth Con!
Girls Night
May 12th, 2022

We love building relationships and having fun together! Our youth girls had a blast playing Bingo, eating pizza, and playing "Human-Hungry-Hipos" (A favorite game where someone laying on a scateboard holds a bucket and is pushed by a teammate into a pile of plastic balls poured onto the floor. They must collect as many balls as they can with the bucket, and drag them back to their team before the other teams collect them. Whichever team has the most balls collected once they are all gone wins!)



Middel School and High School Youth Ministries

What Can You Expect?

Join Us For:

Powerful Worship,

Practical Teaching,

Compelling Videos,

all in a fun environment!

The Amp

3712 Cleveland Ave.

Amp It Up Blogs!

Highlighted Blogs


  • What Makes the Bible so Special?
    What Makes the Bible so Special?

    The Bible is the best selling book of all time! What makes the Bible so special?  This a book that is unlike any book ever written.  It contains 66 books from 40 different authors each having differing jobs and backgrounds from a King to a fisherman. It was written over a span of 1500 years and yet it contains a unified message all the way through and has no contradictions! Imagine trying to get a group of 40 authors to each write a book about any subject. Would they all agree 100 percent? No way. The Bible is truly remarkable!

    The Bible is split into two parts, the old and new testament or covenant. What is a covenant? A covenant is a legal binding contract between two parties. For example, a marriage covenant or a house mortgage. What happened to make the Bible be split like this? Jesus was born. The Old Testament is before Jesus, and the New Testament is after Jesus.

    Let’s look closer at what is in the Bible. Notice the books are grouped into sections.

    Old Testament

    1.) The Law

    Books of the Law

    The Bible tells the story of history. But when I say story, I do not mean a fairy tale, but events that really happened...

    Read 1814 times


    Thanks for dropping by today, you brought the sun and broke the gray

    your beauty leads with heart close by, for those who see with more than eye


    You glide with grace but power too, your heart and soul you let see through

    Your mask-less face will draw them near, and you will lead them out of fear


    Wounded wings but birds still sing, so lift your head and try your wings

    For you will heal and stronger be, you will soar and higher see

    Read 1377 times
  • Read Through the Bible in 2 Hours!
    Read Through the Bible in 2 Hours!

    Have you wanted to read through the Bible but it seems like an overwhelming task! But it is so important to get the big picture of God's revelation to us. Here is a way to quickly get the big picture, the story of the entire Bible through this graphic novel.


    It begins in Genesis and goes all the way through the book of Revelation. I sat down and read the entire book in 2 hours and I am not a fast reader! The book has scripture references on every page, while the online version enlarges the main text so it can be easily read on a phone.

    Read 2086 times
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