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Future Missions Trips

India 2023

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Mauldin Ministries
October 23rd - November 5th, 2023

Back in October of 2020, River of Life was supposed to take a trip to India with a missionary couple we support: Kerry and Melody Mauldin. Our origional team members were Ken Bilkie, Steve Hunter, and Kristel King. However, in March of 2020 Covid stopped all travel and we had to cancel our trip with Kerry. 

In April of this year (2023), our missions director, Kristel King received a call from Kerry Mauldin. Kerry informed Kristel that India has finally opened its borders and is safe to travel to. Kerry and his wife Melody were able to get their visas approved and called to invite River of Life’s team to join them in India.

River of Life is so excited to announce we will be going with Kerry and Melody in October! 

Want to see more about Kerry & Melody Mauldin? Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view many of the churches they've built, wells they've dug, and work they have accomplished for the Lord in India!

Map of India


Our origional team from 2020 will finally get to go on their trip, which had been postponed due to India shutting down during Covid. Our team members are: Ken Bilkie, Steve Hunter, and Kristel King. 

About The Trip: 
In India we will be giving many salvation messages using salvation bracelets, teaching on tithing, and strengthening the hands of local pastors. There is so much to do, and we are so excited to be going with Kerry and Melody Mauldin again!

How Can I help Support The Team? 
As much as we appreciate and are thankful for your financial contributions to this trip, we even more need and appreciate your prayers.

PRAY - Specifically, we need prayer for:
  • Safety for the team: Steve Hunter, Ken Bilkie, and Kristel King.
  • Please be praying for the people in India they will interact with. May God soften hearts, deliver, heal, and bring many to salvation!
  • For financial needs to be met. 

If this is something you want to contribute to, go to our giving page by clicking the button below, click to "give online," then select "India Mission Donation."

Questions? please feel free to contact our missions director Kristel at: missions@riveroflifewellington.org!

Thank you for supporting our team and what God is going to do through us in India!
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Help Us Make

Our India Mission's Team will share the gospel to the people of India, using these salvation bracelets, and we need your help to make them!

  • Black Bead: We are sinners.
  • Red Bead: Jesus died for us.
  • White Bead: Our sin is erased.
  • Blue Bead: Baptism.
  • Green Bead: New life in Christ.
  • Gold Bead: Eternal Life.

  • 7:00PM
  • Thursday, September 7th
  • At River Of Life

No sign up required, just show up to help!

Guatemala 2023-2024

Guatemala image


The James Project Of Latin America
December 29th, 2023 - January 6th, 2024

Cost: Estimated total: $2,250 per person.
Estimated flights: $1,200 (The increased flight cost is because we are traveling over New Year's Day.)
+ Estimated Ground Costs: $850
+ Estimated Extra costs: $200
= Estimated total of $2,250

Location: Monjas, Guatemala

Team Info:
 Once in Guatemala we will have 2 teams. Pastor Isaac and Kristel would like to spend more time ministering to Pastors and strengthening them, while the other larger team will spend more time doing work projects, helping widows, deliver food baskets and so much more. Some of the days we will work together at churches and/or ministering to others in the community. This way our hands are multiplied and able to do than what we think!

About The James Project: The James Project of Latin America provides a home to 80 kids through The Shadow Of His Wings Children's Home and provides a home for approximately 20 women through the Redeemed Women's Ministry.

They also have many programs that not only helps the children that live on campus but also programs that help the community. The James Project understands there are more issues than just having orphan children. We must stop the problem at its source. Therefore, the way our team gets to be involved is countless. During our time in Monjas, Guatemala, we can spend time with the children living on campus and off, elderly ministry, deliver food baskets, work projects, strengthen pastors and so much more! We are so excited to be there over New Year’s Eve and have exciting plans for that! 

Click the button below for more information on The James Project of Latin America:
The James Project
Map of Guatemala

Want to come?

Team Info:
Registration is closed. We are currently in process of going through the mission's applications that were submitted for this trip. Our Guatemala Mission's team will be announced soon!

How Can I help Support The Team? 
As much as we appreciate and are thankful for your financial contributions to this trip, we even more need and appreciate your prayers.

PRAY - Specifically, we need prayer for:
  • All the financial needs to be met for this trip.
  • Protection over each team member as we prepare for this trip and as we travel. 
  • That God would prepare the hearts of those we are going to be ministering to. 

If this is something you want to contribute to, go to our giving page by clicking the button below, click to "give online," then select "Guatemala Mission Trip."

For more information about the trip, how to apply, or on ways to support those who are going, please feel free to contact our missions director Kristel at: missions@riveroflifewellington.org!

Thank you for supporting our team and what God is going to do through us in Guatemala!

Home Missions

Can't travel overseas but want to help us share the gospel to the world?
Here's how you can get involved!

Image of Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Home Missions

Reaching our local community for Jesus!

Location: Wellington Colorado, Fort Collins, and the surrounding towns & cities nearby!

Pastor Rick gave us a powerful word which was, “ENGAGE”. We as a church want to make sure that we are engaging in our community and loving the people in it for Jesus!

Home Missions is growing, and we need your help! We have established team leaders for Wellington as well as the towns and cities in the Northern Colorado area to hold events and to pray over people. No matter where you live, we have a place for you! The church has plenty of home missions events that will need your help to succeed! Reach out to our missions director Kristel King today to get more involved!
Map of Colorado



~Feed The Team:
We will be serving breakfast to the Wellington Football team the morning of every game!
Want to help? Click on one of the dates below for more info and to sign up!


~Serving at the JV & C-Team football games:
Help volunteer to run the clock & the chains at the Wellington C-Team & JV Football Games!

STEP 1: Please click on one of the links below. It will take you to the PSD school sign up page where you can choose what you want to sign up for!

STEP 2: If you have not volunteered with the Wellington Middle/High School before, you must also fill out this form:
(If you filled out the form last year, you are good to go for 3 years).


~Packing Snack Bags for Other Team Sports:
We plan to pack snack bags to hand out to the other Wellington sports teams so we can reach more youth than just the Wellington football team!

Want to help? Stay tuned for sign up sheets and info once the fall school semester starts!


~Appreciating Our Teachers:

The teachers in our schools have a tough job and deserve to be appreciated and know we care about them just like Jesus does.
Want to help? Stay tuned for more info on how we plan to appreciate our teachers once the fall school semester starts!


~Helping Embrace Grace in our Community:

Embrace Grace is a group for single/unmarried moms, & single/unmarried pregnant moms, and exists to help inspire and equip the church to love and encourage single, unmarried, and pregnant young women and their families.
Women experiencing unexpected pregnancies receive practical, spiritual, and emotional support through our support group.
Want to learn more about Embrace Grace? Visit our Embrace Grace website page! https://www.riveroflifewellington.org/embracegrace 


Email our missions director Kristel!

Thank you for supporting our Home Missions projects, and sharing the love of Jesus with our community!

Here are a few things we participated in last year to serve those here in the USA for Jesus:

Christmas With The Matthews House


Thank you to all who donated to bring Christmas gifts to families in need in our community this past December through the Matthews House Organization!

Click the button below to learn more about the Matthew's House organization. 

The Matthew's House
Navajo Team 2022

Local Mission's Trip

November 18th - 20th, 2022
Every year, River of Life takes a trip to the Navajo Indian Reservation to bring them loads of firewood and turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Thank you to everyone who donated a frozen turkey! And thank you to the Wellington Community Food Bank who donated several bags of food!

Firewood for the Navajo Reservation 2022


We took two trailers full of firewood this year!
Thank you to everyone who helped split wood and load the trailers, your hard work is very much appreciated!

Our team worked through a local pastor in the area and delivered firewood and turkeys to Navajo families in need. Many of them use wood stoves to heat their homes through the winter. There are very few trees in the area and most of the landscape is barren dessert so the firewood is very much appreciated.
Thank you!

Missionaries We Support

To view the full time missionaries both locally and overseas that River of Life Fellowship has committed to support, please click on the links below and see how they are changing lives for Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God!

Nate and Lindsay Banke

Nate and Lindsay Banke

Missionaries to CSU Campus Fort Collins.

Nate & Lindsey are a part of Chi Alpha at CSU, a college campus community of Christ followers who are passionately pursuing a right relationship with God and each other. They meet weekly on Wednesday evenings (called The Outpost) for worship, and a sermon, and empower new students to grow in their relationship with Christ through small groups and fellowship events. Small group leaders meet weekly with their students for Bible studies and make sure to pray with them and disciple them in their relationship with God. Conferences each year take students to a deeper level in their walk with Jesus and help build Godly friendships that will last a lifetime. 

A note from Nate:
"After receiving a specific word of the Lord when I was in college saying to go to Colorado, I transferred to the University of Northern Colorado. It was there that I found Chi Alpha, and upon graduating from college I realized that campus ministry was the calling that had brought me here. After spending a year of training in Texas, at Chi Alpha’s most successful ministry, I again felt my calling back to Colorado.  Realizing that pioneering a ministry in a state where there were no active Chi Alpha ministries would require more than I could do by myself, I vision-casted this dream for re-pioneering Chi Alpha in Colorado to ten friends who would ultimately join me to re-pioneer the ministry at Colorado State University."

In 2009 those 10 came with one mission: to create small groups at CSU of students who would learn how to follow Jesus. The students who joined that first year were from different backgrounds, different interests, and different beliefs, but over time they all came to find one thing in common: the exceedingly great value of Jesus.
As these students learned to follow Jesus, they joined in the mission to help others do the same. Each year since then, more and more students have joined in this mission, and our goal is to have enough small group leaders so that every single student at CSU knows at least one person who is truly following Jesus.

Click the link below to read all God has been doing through their ministry this month!


What is Chi Alpha?

Chi Alpha is a missions movement on the college campus under the Assemblies of God and can be found on 297 campuses across the nation. Chi Alpha’s mission is to reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-Filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and mission to transform the university, the marketplace and the world.

To read more about Nate & Lindsay and Chi Alpha Campus Ministry at CSU, click the button below!
Chi Alpha CSU
Duncan and Lori Chance

Duncan and Lori Chance

Missionaries to UNC Campus Greeley.

Duncan & Lorie Chance are the directors of Chi Alpha on UNC campus in Greeley Colorado. It was through Chi Alpha when they were in collage, that they both became followers of Jesus and experienced the grace and forgiveness that God offers all of us! They believe in empowering others to change the world. 

A note about Chi Alpha UNC "Small groups are at the center of what we do. A small group is a group of students in Chi Alpha who have decided to not live life alone. It's more than a Bible study, its brotherhood; it's sisterhood. We believe that we need each other, and that in the Kingdom of God, there are no loners. We were made to live in community. 

The early church, in the Book of Acts, regulary met together to pray for one another, meet each other's needs, and to break bread together. As members of the Body of Christ, we are truly brothers and sisters. Love is unsefishly choosing for the highest good of another. As a family, we lean on and rely on one another. We choose to journey through this life, together.

We believe that the bonds of friendship formed in college through Chi Alpha will continue for the rest of our lives. In small group, you will find friendships that will last for the rest of your lives. Through small group, you will be empowered to grow in your relationship with Jesus, while having more fun on accident than most people do on purpose!"

Click the link below to read all God has been doing through their ministry this month!

What is Chi Alpha?

Chi Alpha is a missions movement on the college campus under the Assemblies of God and can be found on 297 campuses across the nation. Chi Alpha’s mission is to reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-Filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and mission to transform the university, the marketplace and the world.

To read more about Duncan & Lori and the Campus Ministry of Chi Alpha at UNC Campus in Greeley, click the button below!
Chi Alpha UNC
Greg Seymour

Greg Seymour

Missionary to CU Campus Boulder.

Chi Alpha at CU Boulder
exists to raise up lovers of Jesus and equip them to fulfill their purpose in God’s global plan. People are God's Method. Chi Alpha CU strives to raise up disciple makers through small groups which are communities of students leaning on each other as they pursue Christ. They're passionate about equipping students to lead the way as ministers of the gospel to every corner of their campus. Their students are guided and shepherded by a team of full time ministers.

A note from Greg:
"My name is Greg Seymour and I am missionary to the college campus with Chi Alpha. Chi Alpha had a profound impact on my walk with God during college. After college, I got reconnected with Chi Alpha at Colorado State University (CSU), and during this time I felt God put it on my heart to go into campus ministry full time. After serving for a year at CSU, I am now in Boulder, CO helping to start a new Chi Alpha at CU Boulder. The goal of Chi Alpha at CU Boulder is to reach the students on the CU campus and share the gospel with them. We also want to raise up disciple makers on the campus and equip them to be able to reach their campus. In doing this, we support and develop those who wish to go into the mission field or the marketplace after college and live a life of disciple making."

Click the links below to read all God has been doing through the campus ministry of Chi Alpha CU Boulder, or to support Greg as he reaches the lost on CU campus!

What is Chi Alpha?

Chi Alpha is a missions movement on the college campus under the Assemblies of God and can be found on 297 campuses across the nation. Chi Alpha’s mission is to reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-Filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and mission to transform the university, the marketplace and the world.

To read more about Greg and the Campus Ministy of Chi Alpha at CU Boulder, click the button below!
Chi Alpha CU
Sarah's Home

Sarah's Home

Missionaries to Girls Rescued from Human Trafficking.

Sarah's Home is a faith-based residential home in Colorado for girls age 12 to 18 who have been rescued from sex trafficking. They offer healing, education, restoration, and reintegration for survivors of the forced commercial sex trade.

Trafficking survivors
experience trauma that affects their whole being. Because of this, we work to bring healing to mind, body, and spirit. Our program is designed help the girls see their life as a gift from God who has equipped them with unique gifts, talents, and abilities that can make their world better. The program
 consists of counseling and therapy, life skill training, medical care, job skill training, spiritual guidance, relationship training, mentoring and education.
Our house is truly a “home” where survivors can take the time that they need to heal.

Here are a few letters River Of Life has recieved from the girls at Sarah's Home:

"You are so awesome by supporting Sarah's Home with prayers and donations. Thank you for providing for a safe home for young ladies to live! God bless you in so many ways. - From all of us at Sarah's Home"

"We appreciate you! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and donation, it has blessed us immensely. It brings much joy to my heart to know how blessed we are through your donations and your prayers. What a wonder to watch God move! - A girl here at Sarah's Home"

For more information on Sarah's Home, click the button below.

Sarah's Home
Mike & Ashley Browning

Mike & Ashley Browning

Missionaries to UNC, CSU, & FRCC Northern Colorado.

Reaching the students of Colorado State University, the University of Northern Colorado, and Front Range Community College with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Our goal is to evangelize college students during a very crucial time in their lives. As these young men and women come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, we help to establish them in Grace Christian Church or in other local churches in the area as the Holy Spirit leads.

A note from Mike & Ashley:
"Thank you, and all at River of Life, for your prayer and partnership with our ministry over the years. It's such a blessing and is really making a big impact in the lives of so many young men and women here in Northern Colorado! We lead the ministry at UNC in Greeley, and most of our focus is on reaching that campus community, but we also have ministry teams that reach out to CSU and Front Range as well."  

Click The Links below to read all God has been doing through their ministry this month, or to see testimonies of all the lives that have been changed for Jesus!

To read more about Mike & Ashley and the Campus Ministries through Grace Christian Church, click the button below!
Campus Ministries of Grace Christian Church
Mike & Sonja Trei

Mike & Sonja Trei

Missionaries to Peru.

Mike & Sonja Trei (pronounced “tri”— which means “three”) are the founders of the Treifactor ministry which focuses on establishing churches through discipleship among indigenous tribes in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. The primary tool they use is Biblical storytelling (also known as "orality").  For thousands of years, God’s followers have taught the grand stories of the Bible and it works just as well today. Sharing these stories is easy and reproducible.

There are five hundred and fifty million (five out of six people) living in Latin America Caribbean (LAC) who still do not know Jesus as their personal savior. Mike and Sonja travel by boat through the rivers of Peru to reach tribes hidden deep in the rainforest and share the gospel with them.

To read more about Mike & Sonja and their ministry The Treifactor, click the button below!
The Treifactor
Harry Wilson

Harry & Karen Wilson

Missionaries to Guatemala.

Harry & Karen Wilson have been working in the Nation of Guatemala since 2009, spreading the good news of the gospel and loving people. Their vision is to strengthen churches, disciple nationals through Destiny School of Ministry, and show the love of God through outreaches and special projects. They believe that Guatemala's best days are ahead and God has amazing things in store for this nation.

To read more about Harry & Karen and Harry Wilson Ministries, click the button below!
Harry Wilson Ministries

Missions Update from Harry Wilson!

Rick Fern

Rick Fern

Missionary to Europe, New Zealand, & Beyond!

Rick lives in France and Spain where he is establishing the XploreNation Bible Universities, training leaders to impact France, Spain, western Europe and the Arab nations through French and Arab speaking schools. Part of his outreaches are going into the refugee camps of Northern France providing food, clothing and the gospel.

A note from Rick: "I have been blessed to travel and minister in some wonderful churches and watch God perform His Word with signs following. With trips to France, Romania, Germany, England, Belgium, Italy and Spain, I am super excited to tell you about a great, effectual door that has been opened for Rick Fern Ministries in the country of France, Spain, Italy and Western Europe which has been notorious for being known as  closed nations for the most part, especially France. But I have always believed there is a key to every nation and people. This of course is found in prayer and the direction of the Holy Spirit."

To read more about Rick and Rick Fern Ministries, click the button below!
Rick Fern Ministries
Toni Haskel

Toni Haskel

Missionary to Asia, South America, & Europe.

Toni has traveled to nations in Asia, South America, and Europe, teaching the Word and training believers in the ways of the Holy Spirit. Worship and prayer are a strong focus of her ministry as well as teaching concerning the role of the Church on the earth in the last days. Serving on the mission field for the past 22 years, her expertise has developed in training leaders. She directed New Life School of Ministry under Pastor Paul Chase for a number of years and then pioneered Dunamis International School of Ministry in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2010.

Dunamis has since established schools in Croatia, India and Peru and continues to raise up leaders in the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit who will affect their cities and nations through strong local churches. The last frontier of unreached nations in the 1040 window is their primary target.

Click the link below to read all God has been doing with Dunamis International!

To read more about Toni and Dunamis International, click the button below!
Dunamis International
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Kerry & Melody Mauldin

Missionaries to India.

Prior to COVID, Kerry would travel to India twice a year to share the gospel to the villages using salvation bracelets. He would partner with various churches in the USA to donate money to build water wells and church buildings in India. Kerry would then travel to small villages and challenge the new believers in the village to give toward the well or the church. He uses the money donated form the USA as the Holy Spirit leads to match the gifts form the villagers and then once the new church is built, he strategically digs the water well next to it so that all the villagers have to come near the church to get water. Many of them end up overhearing the gospel being preached as they draw water from the well and end up recieving the Living Water of salvation as well! 

After COVID, Kerry is still ministering to the Indian people through Facetime, & What'sApp, and is continuing to build churches and wells. He builds approximately 200 water wells and 100 churches a year in India!
Indian People around a church

Mauldin Ministries

Here is a church given by River Of Life in 2023, and a letter from pastor John of India:

 "Praise the Lord! My name is Payam Srinu, but after I accepted Jesus and was baptized, my name was changed to John Wilson. My home village is Lakshmipuram, and I was born in a Hindu family.
From 2003 to 2006, I was tormented by magical powers. I went to various doctors for healing, but it was no use, nothing helped. Finally, in a dying condition, I heard the gospel of Jesus through a pastor and I went and prayed.
In 2007, I accepted Jesus as my personal savior. Jesus freed me from the magical powers that had tormented me and He protected me. I came to know that Jesus is the true God. While I was still in God, in 2009, Jesus called me for His service. God showed me this village Chintalapalem which means 'tamarind village.'
This church (River Of Life has just helped to build) is going to be built among Koya people. Many heard the gospel and agreed/accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior! We are building a temple of God in the village of Chintalapalem.

Three years ago, we built the foundation for a church with a size of 20/40. Pastor Ananias came to our village to visit and teach our people in the month of November.
The church's walls had been half completed to the windows level at the time, and we gave money to help finish the construction. The members of the church also gave, and together they completed the walls, roof, plastering, flooring, painting, electricity, doors, and windows of the church!

Now the members of this church have increased and the tithe has also increased. Thank you for helping us build our church!
- John Wilson

Indian People around a church

Mauldin Ministries

Here is a church given by River Of Life in 2023, and a letter from pastor Amos of India:

 "My name is Pastor Amos and I was born into a Hindu Family. Back then, my name was Satyanarayana, and I used to worship idols and I often would shave my head to my idols in worship of them. There was a church nearby my home, and my friends and I used to go to church for Christmas, Good Friday, Easter and New Year. By the age of 15, I received Christ Jesus as the Lord and Savior and I also got Baptized. I started to work under pastors who worked in our church, in singing, and in testifying.

In the fall of 2016, I became very sick, and almost died. The Doctors told me that I won't live for very long and I was in ICU for 13 days. At midnight one night, God spoke to me, I obeyed and God showed me this village. I did not die in the ICU, and I immediately obeyed God to go to the village and started sharing about Jesus for the past 7 years.
5 years ago, we got land and started building a church, but in that area the people opposed us and did not want us to build a church, so the building stopped. Later, one woman came forward to give land for the church at another location in the village. On the day they invited me to lay the foundation stone, everything was ready and everybody was there when suddenly the lady's parents rejected to give the land to build the church. We all cried out to God and left and kept on praying.
Two months ago, that whole family met with a pastor, and God moved on their hearts and they gave land with written papers in the church's name! Once again they invited me, and I went and laid the foundation with a size of 19/35 for the church.

We went and taught on tithing, and many converted into givers. The church's walls had been built, and as we and members of the church gave together, they completed the roof, plastering, flooring, painting, electricity, doors and windows. Glory be to God!
" - Pastor Amos

Indian People around a church

Mauldin Ministries

Here is a church given by River Of Life in 2023, and a note from Missionaries, Kerry & Melody Mauldin:

"They just completed the church and now have a nice place to meet and the church is growing nicely in every way!
Please pray for them! So thankful!
- Kerry and Melody"

And here is a note from the pastor of this new church, Pastor L. Jayaraju:

"My name is Pastor L. Jayaraju. I was born and brought up in a Christian Family. I have gone to church from my childhood. I worked as a Sunday school teacher, and worked for 5 years with my spiritual pastor. At the age of 18 I was Baptised and God filled me with the Holy Spirit, and called me by name for His ministry. Then I went to Pastor Santhavardhan Baru, Guntur, for Bible courses for 40 days. After I completed that course, I started in the ministry.

In Ayyagari Pally, By the grace of God, the Lord saved some souls. In 2018, I built the foundation for a 20/30 sized church. We built the walls up to roof. We went and taught the people, and the members of the church gave along with us. Together  we completed the roof, plastering, flooring, painting, electricity, doors and windows.
Now the members of our church have increased and the tithe has also increased!

Members: 30-40
Baptized: 28-32
Speaking in tongues: 20-23
Tithe: 1000-2500 (Indian Rupees)

Glory be to God!
- Pastor L. Jayaraju."

Indian People around a church

Mauldin Ministries
2022 Well & 2023 CHURCH IN INDIA

Here is a church (given in 2023) by River Of Life as well as and a note from Missionaries, Kerry & Melody Mauldin:

"Another church that River Of Life Wellington helped roof and finish into a beautiful house of worship to the Lord! Last year a well was drilled in preparation to build, and now you all stood beside them to build their church! We are so thankful!

- Kerry and Melody"

And here is a note from the pastor of this new church, Pastor Amos:
"My name is Pastor Amos, I was born into a Hindu Family, and was working in the iron businesses. Before I came to know Jesus, my name was Ravinder. I got married and had two children, but eventually I had many losses in the business. Everybody started threatening me and one day I decided to commit suicide. I went to wilderness to plan how to kill myself but a pastor happened to be passing through nearby to where I was, riding his bicycle. God spoke to the pastor and told him to speak to me, but he didn't listen to God's voice and tried to dismiss it and continue on. Immediately both tires of the bicycle punctured. He then understood that it was God's plan, and he went back to speak with me. He talked and shared about Jesus with me. When I heard the gospel, I stopped planning to comit suicide and put my faith in Jesus!

I started going to church, and began sharing about Jesus to all. In 3 years all my debt was cleared! 

The land for this church was given by one of my relatives. They had a tiny shed, but now they are building a 20/40 church! Last year, we gave and dug a BOREWELL so we will have fresh water. Part of the money for the well was donated by LASTER FAMILY WRIGHT CITY. Many people are blessing us and the well is very useful for the church.

When our church's walls had been built, I went and began to teach. Members of the church gave and we also gave to continue building. Now they have completed the roof, plastering, flooring, painting, electricity, doors, and windows. Glory be to God! 
- Pastor Amos"
Indian People around a well

Mauldin Ministries

Here is our newest church given by River Of Life and a note from Kerry about pastor Lazar of India:

 "Lazar was born in a Hindu family. His mother, Samakka, and his father, Saraiah, were named after two Hindu goddesses.
Both of his parents were idol worshipers and would worship a different god each day. Suddenly his mother started suffering from health issues so they took her to several different hospitals but nothing helped. Someone told them that she was suffering with black magic, so the family went to many other hospitals as well as several temples hoping their idols would heal her. One day, one of Lazar's relatives told them they should to go a Christian church, because maybe the Christian God could heal her. They began attending a church and from the first day they started going to the church God touched her and she became normal. Immediately seeing this they assumed she was healed forever and stopped going to church. Again the same problem returned, and Lazar began to suffer as well. For a week he was not hungry and wasn't able to eat, so again he started coming to church and sought the One True God, and the Lord healed him. (All of this happened in between 1994 - 1996) 
In 1996 he started coming to church regularly and was baptized in 1997! He began to grow spiritually in his walk with the Lord, began working as an assistant pastor at another church God called him to, and he went on to Bible training in 2003.

In 2008 Lazar got married, and was blessed with God's gift of a son in 2012. However, his wife began suffering from blocked heart vessels; and in 2017 she had to have open heart surgery. The surgery was successful and the Lord was with her and she recovered and was in good health for several years. In 2019, she gave birth to their daughter, but recently she began suffering with breathing issues. The doctor said the valves of her heart were closing again, and this time they can't do surgery, so they are praying God will heal her. They ask for your prayers as well, and want you to know they are praying for River Of Life, and are so thankful for helping them to complete this church! Thank you! - Kerry Mauldin"

Here is a testimony from one of the church members:
"My name is Srilatha, my father, Saidulu, used to drink alcohol every day and he would beat my mother, Mariyamma. He spent all his earnings on alcohol and our family had no savings, no money when we faced problems, and no money to go to hospitals if we got sick.
My mother has begun coming to church! When we started attending, there were 40 believers in the church, and since then, God has added 3 new families to the church!
The people in the congregation used to give 1,500 - 2000 rupies to the church until they heard a powerful teaching about tithing and all the blessings God promises to those who give. Since then, God has blessed our tithe and it has increased to 3,500 rupies! God has been blessing this church abundantly! Please continue to pray for my father.
All glory to God, - Sirlatha"

Indian People around a well

Mauldin Ministries

Here is a church given by River Of Life in 2022, and a letter from pastor Yona of India:

 "In 2005 I believed in Jesus and was Baptized, in 2006 through one of my relatives, I came to this village VISWANATHAPALLY, since then till 2016, I have attended every Sunday service. In 2017 my pastor got sick and was admitted into the hospital, and I lead the church for some time, but on April 17th, 2017, my pastor slept in the Lord, due to a tumor in his stomach.

He had built a tiny church, but due to it being old and very small they demolished it and started construction for a larger church. When we went the walls and roof had been built. We also dug a water well here, which was given by OKMULGEE AG & LAWTON TRINITY AG, Then we gave to the construction of this Church and members of the church also gave, and they completed plastering, flooring, painting and finished all the electricity work.

 Now this church has 25 to 40 Members! We have baptized 20-25 people and have had 2-5 people get filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues! Thank you!
- Pastor Yona"

Indian People around a well

Mauldin Ministries

Here is the water well given by the AMP-Youth of River Of Life in 2021 and a letter about pastor Benjamin of India:

 "Pastor Benjamin is 33 years old and he got a diabetic problem at the age of 29. He has been pastoring in this village for the last 4 years and committed his life to work for God at the age of 17. God blessed him and holds him in His arms; he is planning to start new church in another village, and asked for prayer for his church. They drilled 130 feet in depth to install this well, and God has given nice and sweet water! The people are happy that all their neighbours can know the love of God because of this well. Thank you so much!"


Indian People around a well

Mauldin Ministries

Here is the church and water well given by our River Kids of River Of Life in 2021, and two letters from two of the women from this church in India:

 "My name is Medi Oullamma, daughter of NAGAIAH, I've been coming to church for the last six months. I belonged to the Hindu religion, but had a lot of financial issues in my family, and all my family members used to go for work to earn money but there was no blessing in my family and there was not any growth. One day I came to church with my friends and I observed that there was happiness and blessings in the lives of the church members, even though a few of them are poor. From the day I started coming to the church, and I started giving my tithe, my family was blessed slowly and now they are leading their other family members to Jesus! 
-Medi Oullamma"

"My name is Nurakapangu Kumari, daughter of Anjaiah. I started coming to church in the last 10 years. I just want to show my gratitude in this letter - we didn't have any water supply near to the church, & when we wanted to celebrate Christmas or when we were celebrating New Year, we suffered a lot because we needed water. All the church members used to carry in buckets from a long distance, but now you have helped give money for the borewell, and now we have enough water in our colony. We all were so happy and we are so blessed! Our church members are using this well, and the street people are using this well too! We are so happy for your help, and we are praying for you, for your families, and we are also praying for your ministry. We are so thankful to you and to Riverkids at River Of Life! Thank you!
- Nurakapangu Kumari

Indian People around a well

Mauldin Ministries

Here is the church given by River Of Life Fellowship in 2020 and a letter from the pastor:

 "The Nagilikonda church is complete! We just got the picture of the church now that is has been painted! We are giving our best efforts and plans to have it ready for service by Sunday. Praise the Lord it is looking good! Thank you!"



Indian People around a well

Mauldin Ministries

Here is the water well given by River Of Life in 2019 and a letter from one of the pastors in India:

"Praise the Lord! By the blessings of God and by your prayers we are fine here, and we hope you’re also fine in the name of Jesus. Drilling the well was a success! Water came at 200 feet! We drilled more than 200 feet, and God has given us good water! Paster and the believers are so happy and even the street people are also feeling very happy - everyone is thankful to you and to the people who helped give money for this drill, saying thanks to Jesus Christ for helping them through you. We are praying for you hoping to help more villages like this. Thank you very much!"

River of Life Fellowship supports several full time missionaries.

The missionaries above have succeeded in training up others, serving those in need, bettering their communities, and putting God's Love into Action!
These individuals, as well as all others serving around the world, need your prayers. Please spend some time today asking God to bless them. If you wish to bless them financially you can do so by donating through the button at the top of this page, or by mailing a check to River of Life Fellowship.
3161 County Road 62e
Wellington, CO 80549

Mark 16:15
"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature". (NKJV)

There are several people around the world that are serving in global missions full time. This is a tremendous sacrifice for them and their families and we are extremely grateful for them and what they do. Our prayers are with them and we thank God for them and their heart to serve.

To all you missionaries out there, God bless you, we are praying for you, and thank you for all you do!

Past Foreign Missions Trips

We plan on one foreign mission trip a year.

2023 Guatemala Missions Team


Thank you for your prayers! This trip was amazing!
2023 Guatemala Missions Team With The Orphans

Loving On The

We were busy building friendships with the orphans of Shadow Of His Wings Orphanage, buying food and supplies to fill dozens of food baskets at the village market in the small town of Monjas, and traveling all over the area to deliver the food baskets to local pastors. We get to pray over each pastor when we deliverd the food to them and encourage them in the Lord! 
2023 Guatemala Missions Team under a tree

Here we are at

Want to see more pictures, videos, and information on all we did in Guatemala? Click the button below to check out the JPLA (James Project Of Latin America) Shadow Of His Wings Facebook page!
JPLA Shadow Of His Wings Facebook Page
Food Baskets image


We went to market day in Monjas and put together several food baskets full of fresh produce and supplies. The next several hours of our trip were spent traveling to various homes of local pastors who needed encouragement, delivering the food baskets (which should last them up to two weeks!) and getting to pray over them! Many of these pastors and their wives have been under great spiritual attack so it was powerful to get to bless them with a food basket, and get to pray over them and encourage them in the Lord. 

These trips to deliver food to those in need are moving in so many ways - it's heartbreaking to see the poverty many of the people here live in. It's powerful to get to be used by God to meet their needs and get to pray with them. It's joyful to see their gratitude and thankfulness. It's always a spiritual battleground as in the past we have encountered demonic posession manifestations when we try to pray over people.

This was the first trip where we delivered food baskets to the local pastors. On past trips we would deliver the food to various families in need around the community. On Food Basket day, many of our team prepare by spending the day fasting and praying before traveling to deliver the food. God always moves! 
This trip was powererful getting to pour into the lives of the local pastors and seeing them then pour out into the lives of their people. God is moving in Guatemala!
2023 Guatemala Pastor's Conference


We held a Pastors Conference for the local pastors around the area of Monjas Guatemala. Pastor Isaac wanted to encourage them in their walk with the Lord. They had the largest turn out yet attending with 56 people and 36 churches in attendance. The James Project is trying to build this community between pastors to love and honor each other but also see the importance of coming to conferences and being filled up.

Many of the pastors we spoke to said they are empty and lonely in this walk. Many of them asked for prayer for their wives because they are sick.

Thank you for remembering to pray for them!

Click Here to watch the first and second session of the pastor's conference on our Facebook Page!
Guatemala Team 2019


Monjas Guatemala
River of Life took a trip of High School Seniors who had just graduated to Guatemala in the summer of 2019. We returned to the James Project Of Latin America to work with the orphans there!
Guatemala Team 2018


Monjas Guatemala
River of Life had 18 people that answered the call to go to Guatemala June 1-9, 2018. We returned to the James Project Of Latin America to work with the orphans there!


 Isaiah 64:8 "But now, O LordYou are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand."


Guatemala Team 2018


Monjas Guatemala
We sent a team of 9 wonderful people to Guatemala in 2017! This was our third trip to Shadow of His Wings orphanage which is a part of the James Project of Guatemala.

We worked closely with local missionaries to hand out food baskets to families in need in the town of Monjas, and the surrounding countryside. One of the families was a single mom with several children, living in a tiny shack that was falling apart. They had no running water, no electricity, and the metal roof would leak every time it rained. Our team ended up having money left over and we were able to buy the family a better cover for their roof so that they no longer got wet at night. We also set up a carnival and preached to the orphans and their caregivers at Shadow Of His Wings Orphanage.

For more information about The James Project, click the button below!


The James Project
Guatemala Team 2015


Monjas Guatemala
This was our first trip to Shadow of His Wings orphanage in Guatemala. The orphanage is located on several acres surrounded by a protective wall that encircles the property. Within the wall are several large houses in which host families raise and love the orphans in the program. Each house surrounds a central park with a large playground, trampoline, teeter-totters, concrete basketball court, and grass and fruit trees. Near the enterance of the property is a large fish pond, goat pen, and aquaponics building where they grow vegetables for the orphans to eat. Beyond the aquaponics building were several fields growing crops, a soccer field, and a large school where the children recieved an education. There was also a nursery and staff office building, and a team house where missions teams would stay. We fell in love with the orphans and the ingenious way that they house them in host fmaily houses on the property.


India Team 2014


Hyderbad India
Our team of 5 people got to spend a wonderful two weeks in Hyderbad India with a missionairy we support monthly, Kerry Mauldin. The team spent time going to small villages where we handed out salvation bracelets and shared God's word with thousands.
Missions Director

Hi my name is Kristel King. I was born and raised in Colorado. My family and I moved to Wellington in 1995 to start the church River of Life Fellowship. In August 2015 I married my best friend! We have two wonderful boys, Noah and Eliajh.

I became the mission's director in 2013. My heart has been in the missions field ever since my first missions trip to Brazil in 2006. I knew then that mission's was my calling. I believe that home mission's and foreign mission trips need to be balanced, so that we don't forget about the people in our own backyard that need to be saved! I also truly believe everyone at the right age needs to go on a mission's trip. It is a life changing experience! Since taking over missions we have traveled to India, and Guatemala.

Some of my hobbies are Cowboy Mounted shooting, outdoors, family, friends, and concerts!! I am a ladies level 4 shooter competing on a horse named Dixie! My dad also competes with me! My family and I love the outdoors, having friends and family over for game nights!

If you are interested in participating in a mission's trip please click the 'Email Me' button. I would be excited to talk to you and answer any questions that you happen to have!
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