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Have you wanted to read through the Bible but it seems like an overwhelming task! But it is so important to get the big picture of God's revelation to us. Here is a way to quickly get the big picture, the story of the entire Bible through this graphic novel.


It begins in Genesis and goes all the way through the book of Revelation. I sat down and read the entire book in 2 hours and I am not a fast reader! The book has scripture references on every page, while the online version enlarges the main text so it can be easily read on a phone.


It starts with the creation of the earth and explains why man is in need of a savior:

1) Even when he is in the perfect environment, with the perfect father (in the Garden of Eden), he needs a savior

2) Later when man builds his best government (the Tower of Babel), a tower rebelliously built to reach and enter heaven on his own, he needs a savior

3) When man is given the perfect Law (Moses and the 10 Commandments), he fails to keep that law, he needs a savior

Man fails each time. Man cannot save himself. So God comes down as the savior (in the 2nd member of the trinity, the son Jesus Christ) to lay down his life in exchange for ours as the perfect Lamb of God. He starts the church. Gives the world a period of grace to turn to Him. Lastly, Jesus returns to judge the world and set up a new kingdom. Read the epic story here by clicking below.

Read the Good and Evil Comic Book Bible

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